Bernard Koh, student

I have been training at Elite Kicks Tae Kwon Do Alameda Academy for 3 years now and would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in the art of Tae Kwon Do. Whether you want to train to be a national level competitor or simply looking to get in shape, this is the school for you.

For the competitor, the instruction is fantastic. Grandmaster Lim has trained several national caliber competitors in his career. His success is based on his own background of training. Grandmaster Lim attended elite physical education schools in Korea with an emphasis on tae kwon do and was a first team competitor on high school, college, and military teams. Other instructors claim to be "national" champions – Grandmaster Lim has the regional and national titles to prove it. His technical knowledge and coaching expertise are truly world class.

For those looking to simply get in shape or learn a new art, this is also a great school. The students are supportive, the atmosphere fun, and the instruction excellent. Although his competitive days are in the past, Grandmaster Lim remains in incredible shape and can still compete with students decades younger. For older students like myself, Grandmaster Lim is an inspiration on what we can still achieve.

Mr. Tran My Luong, parent to students Justin and Jasmine

I have two children attending Elite Kicks TKD Alameda Academy. Justin who is 13 years old and has been training in Tae Kwon Do for 9 years and his sister Jasmine who is 11 years old and has been training for 5.

Elite Kicks TKD Alameda Academy has excellent and knowledgeable Tae Kwon Do instructors. Everyone gets along well, is friendly, and cares about one another like a family. All the students help each other out.

Our friend recommended us to come to this studio, because Grandmaster Lim is a very good master. He is a very passionate teacher who loves his students as if they were his own children. Even though he has a lot of experience in the field of Tae Kwon Do, he is very humble and approachable. Parents can share all of their concerns about their children with Grandmaster Lim at any time. He can be patient, but also trains you hard at the same time. He likes to set high standards for his student. Grandmaster Lim is also willing to spend time with his students outside of the studio i.e. fieldtrips, picnics, long distance travels to compete or just to have fun.

The biggest difference I've noticed in the students is their attitude towards teamwork. The friendships they developed at the studio are invaluable. They are always excited to go to the studio every time even though they know that they will be trained hard. My children treat the younger kids like their younger siblings. At the same time, they look up to the older students as role models, especially their assistant teachers David, and Tuan. We appreciate Bu Jo Gyo Nim Tammi for keeping the kids well behaved.

The best way to describe the atmosphere is like a big family where parents can relax after hours of work waiting for their children. In fact, sometimes even when the students are done with their class, the parents still stay behind to socialize and the kids don't want to go home. The studio also has a flexible schedule. I would definitely refer a friend to Elite Kicks TKD Alameda Academy, because you will have one of the best teachers in Tae Kwon Do, the most friendly atmosphere for both parents and children and a flexible schedule for your kids after school.

Devion, student, 8 years old

I have been training for two months with Elite Kicks Tae Kwon Do Alameda Academy. I like practicing kicks and want to learn how to defend myself. I think Grandmaster Lim is nice and has great humor.

Hans Esteves, parent to student Kyle

WKyle, age 11 has only been training with Elite Kicks Tae Kwon Do Alameda Academy for 1 month. I researched their website, checked out two other martial art schools in the area and decided to bring Kyle to Elite Kicks to try out a class. It only took one class and we knew it was the right place for us. I just really liked the energy and family environment once I walked through the front door.

We were also very impressed by Grandmaster Lim, because he demonstrated a genuine concern for his students and had a willingness to see them succeed in the Dojang and outside of the Dojang.

The atmosphere is family oriented, friendly, respectful, fun and very welcoming! Family is my most cherished possession and I want to be around others who have similar values of honor, respect, so our entire family has decided to look into becoming members.

Since Kyle started training at Elite Kicks TKD Alameda Academy the biggest change we've have seen in him is his positive attitude towards learning new techniques and also his attitude of being more respectful to everyone he meets.

Tae Kwon Do is different from other marshal arts. It's is very energetic and has notoriety in the Olympic stage and Worldwide. Although many other arts are appealing to many, I have always found that Tae Kwon Do to be very instrumental in the education of a young child, adolescent or even young adult.